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Welcome to The Wedding Establishment.

Founded by Michael Hernandez of Sounds To Go Entertainment, The Wedding Establishment has now come to fruition after many years of being conceived in Michael’s mind. He imagined  a collection of creatives , under one roof with the ability to provide many different services that today’s Wedding, Life Event, Charity Drive or Corporate Holiday Party may require and so The Wedding Establishment was born. A quick synopsis of what we provide varies from DJ Entertainment to Photography/Video to Stationery/Invitations to Officiant to Event Planning to Decor and Furniture . We do not have it all but what we do have is a lot of experience. 50+ years collectively housed under our roof that we humbly call The Wedding Establishment.

Guidance & Creativity

Our creatives treat each event with its own vision – Yours. All of our professionals provide services without a premeditated product. We use guidance and our creative abilities to provide your event the unique touches you want yet with the stability that will ensure a wonderful experience for your guests. We are open Monday through Sunday and while we do appreciate a good Calendar with appointments, we do welcome you to stop in spontaneously. Restaurants, Shopping, Bars, a beautiful waterfront and our stunning 4000 square foot storefront with Macy’s style windows await you in downtown Red Bank, NJ. One SMALL detail…it may not seem amazing unless you know Red Bank. We have 2 Private Parking Spots 10 feet from our Back Door Entrance for your convenience! You will find those spots within the Municipal Parking Area around back.

We humbly Thank You for considering any of our Creatives at The Wedding Establishment. You will find all of our business’ listed within our website which will lead you to each individual Creative’s Business website. If you prefer, feel free to call or email us and Laurie will do her best to schedule you an appointment with one or several of our professionals. With that said, please scroll below to take a look at our Creatives…



Building A One-Stop Shop for Future Brides and Grooms

Building a one-stop shop for future brides and grooms: Wedding Establishment brings together DJs, decorators and more

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The slightly cooler temperatures didn’t stop people from coming out to town on a relatively cloudy Sunday for the annual Wedding Walk, where many of Red Bank’s businesses participated in helping out attendees to plan out their big day. Article | TWE Opening!

As the son of a singer in a wedding band, Mike Hernandez Jr. says he “grew up in the wedding business.” He was there when the band came to the house for its weekly rehearsals, and when no babysitter was available

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One of the more interesting and memorable wedding nights we have ever faced was when the bride was not willing to come out of the bathroom to walk down the aisle,” says Michael Hernandez of the Wedding Establishment.

A One-Stop Shop for All Things Wedding

From a young age, Mike Hernandez was intrigued by weddings. He remembers sitting behind the drummer of his father’s wedding band as a little kid watching all the components of a wedding come together.

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Ceremonies are moving away from tradition in a lot of aspects such as venues, music, vows, and more.

Our Location in Red Bank, NJ

The Wedding Establishment is located in downtown Red Bank, NJ. We have a 4000 Square Foot location centered around many social locations within Red Bank including many Restaurants, Pubs and Shopping locations. Private parking is available for “TWE” clientele located in the rear of our location within the Municipal Parking Lot. Our availability is mostly through Appointments but feel free to stop by during our business hours and grab a booklet, ask any questions or if available we will be glad to meet with you. We are also fortunate enough to have 4 large display windows in addition to our 2 entry windows. Those 4 windows will display various designs and styles for Weddings and Events that will highlight many areas including Decor, Table Settings, Furniture, Stationery Designs and much more. Our location has beautiful hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and a section dedicated to the history of Red Bank, truly an amazing experience.


At various times throughout the year we will host Client and/or Industry events. Some events in the works: Comedy & Date Night Out for our Clients. Business Meetups. Wedding and Event Author Book Signings. Industry Seminars. Annual Wedding Walk in Red Bank and much more coming soon! Be sure to join our Newsletter for Early Sign-up for future events, you won’t want to miss one! Newsletter Sign Up is located at the bottom of our website.


So what exactly is The Karma Desk? Well, at this point we are not sure. We know what we want its intentions to be but what or how it will organically develop is up to you. In essence, it’s an open desk for anyone. As Small Business owners and also as people who have gone through marriage ourselves, we know some of the hills that need be climbed and we wanted to try and help bring a small solution to some of those with those challenges in either Business or Clients. Read below for more info about using our Karma Desk for your Business, Wedding or Event meeting.

For the Small Business
Starting out with a new business or at a crossroads with attaining your office? Maybe your client and you can’t find a mutual location to meet? We know the challenges of meeting with clients at a Starbucks, a Diner or even at their home. We want to help because we’ve been there. Simply put, if you are in need of a desk to meet with a client, our Karma Desk is here for you. We mean this sincerely, any industry, even in direct competition with our own Creatives is welcome here. Simply give us a call, set up a time and date with Laurie and the desk is all yours….seriously.

For the Bride, Groom or Event Host
The time is hectic and the chaos of setting up a calendar to meet with vendors might not make it easier. Your event is coming and you need to get your “ish” together. Fear not, invite your Vendor to meet with you at our Karma Desk. Yes, even if you are using a different vendor than ours, it’s totally fine. We embrace it. Also, if you need a spot to brainstorm, put together items for your day with your Bridal Party, the desk is yours. Make it an evening, meet with the ladies and then head out into Red Bank to enjoy the eateries and local pubs and bars. Call Laurie and set a time and date to have your appointment/meeting.

Book an Appointment with any or all of our Professionals

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